Lifft Wellbeing CIC

Lifting mental health & wellbeing

Lifft Wellbeing CIC is based at Garn Farm in Wenvoe. We provide services to organisations and individuals both online and at our wellbeing centre. The profit from these activities enable us to widen the access to these services by providing low cost mental health and wellbeing services.

At the centre we are able to provide one to one therapy, group wellbeing workshops either within the farmhouse or depending on the weather outside. We currently have a small herd of alpacas, a polytunnel and wildlife pond. Being with the alpacas, planting seeds in the polytunnel or simply sitting watching the dragon flies dancing over the pond all provide a lift to wellbeing and complement the therapy and workplace wellbeing services provided.

Lifft Wellbeing is led by Dr Helen Jones a HCPC registered Counselling Psychologist. Helen’s specialist areas are Workplace Wellbeing and anxiety and trauma based issues. Helen commented ‘I love being outside with the alpacas or just sitting quietly by the pond and feel that individuals / organisations would also benefit from having this as an additional option as they seek to lift their or their teams wellbeing’

We are not a crisis service, our centre is only open for specific arranged appointments. Access to the centres facilities and the alpacas is only by prearranged appointment.

If you need urgent support contact your GP or call 111 and then select option 2 or in an Emergency attend your local A&E or call 999.

If you need to talk right now then Samaritans on 116 123 are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our Services

Lifft Wellbeing

We understand the corrosive impact that anxiety/ trauma in all its forms can have on all aspects of your life. We provide innovative  programmes delivered by Counselling Psychologist / qualified therapists.

Talking Therapy

Dr Helen Jones, Chartered Counselling Psychologist provides integrative therapy which draws on a range of  therapeutic approaches and specialist knowledge of anxiety / trauma to create the therapy process that best fits your preferences and needs.

Workplace Wellbeing

We provide workplaces with a range of unique programme  to support staff mental health and lift their wellbeing. We are also experienced bespoke programme developers which means we create programmes to meet specific needs / address specific issues.

Workplace Wellbeing Programmes

Provide your staff with memorable and impactful mental health and wellbeing programmes designed and delivered in person by Dr Helen Jones either online or at our unique wellbeing centre.

How to Reduce Stress & Anxiety

This programme designed provides managers, team leaders and employees with the skills, knowledge and techniques to reduce their own and others level of stress and anxiety.

Recharging Resilience

A range of strategies and techniques based on robust psychological research that enable you to recharge your resilience and bounce back from difficult experiences.

Finding your Calm

As levels of worry and anxiety have increased this session provides strategies to manage and reduce our level of anxiety and worry. The session also looks at the science of sleep and what we can do to sleep better.

Boosting your Wellbeing

As national stress levels continue to be high, this session looks at research informed strategies to lift your mood and boost your wellbeing.

Bespoke Programmes

We can create programmes tailored to the specific objectives / issues, that are the priority for your organisation and your staff.

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Mental Health & Wellbeing Toolkit

Programme Participant

“I honestly believe that the knowledge and understanding gained from these training sessions has started to change my life.

I know that sounds like a huge statement, especially after three sessions, but I’ve struggled with anxiety and PTSD for several years. When I have started to feel out of control or anxious in the past three weeks I have used the different tools such as the Worry Tree and the Locus of Control to challenge my own thoughts and it has honestly worked.

I have started to see an improvement in my sleep with focusing on what I’ve been able to achieve in the day before I go to sleep, rather than things that have been out of my control during this pandemic, and I have certainly had less restless nights. I am honestly so excited for everyone to receive the training so we all have these little toolkits to help us in managing our own mental health and support our colleagues.”