We are excited to announce the launch of Anxiety Action Wales CIC (Community Interest Company). Anxiety Action Wales’ aim is to provide a range of services to individuals who are affected by any form of anxiety. We also provide organisations with the tools to support employees with anxiety and reduce the workplace itself being the cause of anxiety. For practitioners we have CPD training on supporting clients with anxiety and trauma.

Our logo is inspired by the Fibonacci sequence which expresses mathematically nature’s Golden Ratio. Many myths have sprung up about the Golden Ratio’s properties and prevalence. At a mathematical level the Fibonacci sequence is made up of irrational numbers (can’t be represented as fractions) which makes it perfect for studying synchronisation. Our logo brings together the concepts of irrationality and synchronisation. In nature, including humans understanding how competing internal and external forces affect a system enables the optimum balance between the forces to be found resulting in the system functioning in harmony.