We have great news! The National Lottery Community Fund is funding our Mental Health and Wellbeing Toolkit programme. The programme provides strategies and techniques that research on the programmes outcomes has found decrease stress and increase wellbeing by improving resilience, coping skills and emotional regulation. The programme has already achieved considerable success with the research findings being echoed by participants feedback on the impact the programme has had for example –

 It is well paced, interesting and helpful.’

 ‘Go for it! – I wasn’t sure about it and really enjoyed it. The course made me think about things that I wouldn’t have thought about before and I came away with tools that could definitely help me. It’s also interesting to find out more about how the body and mind work.’

 I honestly believe that the knowledge and understanding gained from these training sessions has started to change my life. I know that sounds like a huge statement especially after three sessions but I’ve struggled with anxiety and PTSD for several years. When I have started to feel out of control or anxious in the past three weeks I have used the different tools such as the worry tree and the locus of control to challenge my own thoughts and it has honestly worked. I have started to see an improvement in my sleep with focusing on what I’ve been able to achieve in the day before I go to sleep rather than things that have been out of my control during this pandemic and I have certainly had less restless nights.’

 The programme will be running once a month, for the first six months of 2022, we have limited availability so if you would like more information on the programme, available dates and how to book your place simply contact us by clicking the button below.