Anxiety Action

We have developed a range of programmes that provide individuals struggling with anxiety with the techniques and tools they need to begin to take action to overcome their anxiety.

While you may have anxiety these programmes help you to loosen anxiety’s grip on your life.

  • Range of programmes designed by psychologists and psychotherapists
  • Programmes delivered by anxiety experts
  • Programme content developed from robust research and expert experience

Our Programmes

At the moment our programmes are delivered on line but we will be offering programmes at our Wellbeing Centre when restrictions are lifted.

Mental Health and Wellbeing Toolkit *FULLY FUNDED*

The programme provides you with a range of strategies and techniques that robust research has shown rebuilds resilience, increases ability to cope and improves wellbeing.

Essential Guide to PTSD

This programme provides individuals and their families with essential information about living with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and how to manage and minimise its impact.

Essential Guide to Panic and Anxiety Attacks

This programme provides techniques and stratagies to understand and manage your panic or anxiety attacks.

How to Reduce Stress & Anxiety

This programme designed for workplaces provides managers, team leaders and employees with the skills, knowledge and techniques to reduce their own and others level of stress and anxiety.

Recharging Resilience

A range of strategies and techniques based on psychological research that enable you to recharge your resilience and bounce back from difficult experiences.

Finding your Calm

As levels of worry and anxiety have increased this session provides strategies to manage and reduce our level of anxiety and worry. The session also looks at the science of sleep and what we can do to sleep better.

Boosting your Wellbeing

As the last 12 months have taken a toll on individuals’ wellbeing, this session looks at strategies to lift your mood and boost your wellbeing.

More Programmes Coming Soon

Resilience, Coping & Wellbeing Toolkit

Programme Participant

“I honestly believe that the knowledge and understanding gained from these training sessions has started to change my life.

I know that sounds like a huge statement, especially after three sessions, but I’ve struggled with anxiety and PTSD for several years. When I have started to feel out of control or anxious in the past three weeks I have used the different tools such as the Worry Tree and the Locus of Control to challenge my own thoughts and it has honestly worked.

I have started to see an improvement in my sleep with focusing on what I’ve been able to achieve in the day before I go to sleep, rather than things that have been out of my control during this pandemic, and I have certainly had less restless nights. I am honestly so excited for everyone to receive the training so we all have these little toolkits to help us in managing our own mental health and support our colleagues.”